custom-made products

Do you have a problematic application?

Just give us a call! Together we will find an optimum solution.

Often, a lot depends on just a small seal. Our material recommendations take into account material properties, e.g.:

  • Mechanical loads (abrasion)
  • Chemical resistance (oil, alkalis, bases, acids)
  • Environmental effects (heat, cold, ozone)
  • Electrical resistance and conductivity

Especially when it comes to maintenance or repair work, there are often failures in system parts that need to be replaced immediately. We can offer you everything from under one roof.

Custom-made products

e.g. in the area of sealing technology:

Large-format, scarfed and hot-vulcanised seals for special areas of use:

  • e.g. for use in drill heads
  • up to 10 – 30 mm in thickness
  • Diameters of up to 3500 mm available
  • With or without a bolt circle, produced to meet your requirements


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