As per DIN 15231-15235

  • Flat buckets
  • Flat, round buckets
  • Medium-depth buckets
  • Deep buckets with even and curved rear wall

Elevatorgurtzubehör Becher



System buckets:

  • Starco
  • Super-Starco
  • Columbus
  • Claus
  • and much more

Elevatorgurtzubehör Systembecher




  • With and without bottoM
  • With rubber bottom
  • With edge reinforcement.

Elevatorgurtzubehör Becher Ausführungen


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Polyurethane

Elevatorgurtzubehör Becher Material_2

Elevatorgurtzubehör Becher Material_1


Starco elevator buckets – steel

The original STARCO(TM) high-performance elevator bucket system – innovation for higher output with smaller bucket dimensions

Starco Becher Stahl

Starco Becher Stahl_1

Super Starco (SPS) elevator buckets – steel

The current range of the deep Super Starco(TM) bucket is the result of intense research with the aim of combining the largest possible volume range with the outstanding filling and tipping properties of the original Starco(TM) bucket over a large speed range.

  • Large-volume STARCO system for fewer elevator buckets at the same capacity
  • Perfect filling and emptying properties for a wide product spectrum
  • Maximum efficiency across a wide range of speeds

Super Starco Becher_1 Super Starco Becher_2 Super Starco Becher_3

Super Starco Becher_4

Columbus elevator bucket (DIN 15232)

Deep-drawn elevator bucket for agricultural products

  • Deep-drawn elevator bucket
  • Use for gently trickling bulk goods in the medium speed range
  • With domed holes as standard

Columbus Becher_1 Columbus Becher_2

Columbus Becher_3

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