industrial floor coverings

Mitarbeiter von NTF Gummi beim Fertigungsprozess von Gummiwaren

Many accidents in the home, in businesses and in workshops are due to falling or slipping. In addition to incorrect footwear, insufficient anti-slip properties on floor coverings, shelves and other surfaces are responsible for many of these accidents. Rubber floor coverings are effective at preventing slipping and stopping items from rolling. They reduce the risk of tripping and falling.

Areas of application:

Shelves, drawers, workspace storage spaces, machine workspaces, car boots, loading surfaces, insulation, kick plates, ladders and staircases.

  • The bottom has a fabric pattern, is easy to adhere and simple to cut to size.
  • Single-sided application of self-adhesive film is possible for easy fitting.
  • Cut and sized to specification on request.

Insulating runner
The fine-grooved and hammer-finished profiles, as well as a smooth surface, are available as insulating mats with NR/SBR quality, blue-grey, Semperit A601 g, discharge-resistant up to 50,000 volts as per VDE 0303.

Industriebodenbelag Isoliermatte von NTF-Gummi

Material: NR/SBR, black + grey
Shore hardness: 65 +/-5 A
Roll length: 10 mt

Diamond profile

Industriebodenbelag Diamantprofil von NTF-Gummi

Hammer-finished profile

Industriebodenbelag Hammerschlagprofil von NTF-Gummi

Fine-grooved profile

Industriebodenbelag Feinriefenprofil von NTF-Gummi

Wide-grooved profile

Industriebodenbelag Breitriefenprofil Standard von NTF-Gummi

Rail profile

Industriebodenbelag Leistenmatte von NTF-Gummi

Pimpled profile

Industriebodenbelag Noppenläufer von NTF-Gummi

Flat-pimpled profile

Industriebodenbelag Flachnoppenprofil von NTF-Gummi

Block profile

Industriebodenbelag Klotzmatte von NTF-Gummi

Pyramid profile

Industriebodenbelag Pyramidenprofil von NTF-Gummi

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