cargo securing

Anti-slip mats made of recycled rubber for cargo securing.

Anti-slip materials are aids for securing cargo. They are able to guarantee a defined minimum sliding friction under transport conditions, despite the associated challenges.
The current sliding friction figures usually applicable under these conditions are up to µ =0.6.

Depending on the cargo and the loading situation, the cargo may be placed on small, square pieces or on long strips.


  • Increases safety and improves stability
  • Reduces the amount of lashing materials required
  • Reduces the necessary LC (permissible tensile force) for diagonal lashing

Typical areas of use for anti-slip mats: Panels, packages, concrete slabs, concrete tubes, concrete staircases, machine components, metal tubes, containers, paper coils, rod coils, rest coils




Available in thicknesses from 3-12 mm Available on a roll or cut to fulfil your requirements.


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